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System Requirements


QuiltAlbum - For Quilters, By Quilters

QuiltAlbum is an easy way to document your quilts - to store photos of and record detailed information about those quilts!


Just 'drag and drop' in photos of your quilts to the Quilts  Name of Quilt,CategoryMade forQuilt MakerYear Start and FinishSizePatternDesignerQuiltTop ConstructionQuilting MethodQuited ByBatting typeNotes page and fill in the relevant details (see panel right for choices)  in specific places provided. A Notes field is included for you to add any freeform background information you wish.




QuiltAlbum does much more than record the details. QuiltAlbum also provides:


Easy tools for printing out nicely formatted Album Pages for each quilt - that you can bind into a physical album. Complete with a Cover Page and a paginated Summary/Index.


Greeting Cards or Notecards in different formats - half-page, quarter-page and others. And each card can be customized for what text is included and for font style. Perfect also for thank you notes!


Personalized 'Business' Cards and Return Address Labels containing pictures of your favorite quilts.


Plain Quilt Labels or Quilt Labels with Pictures that you can print on fabric and enhance outside of QuiltAlbum.

System Requirements

Any computer running:


Microsoft Windows

(XP Home, XP Pro, Vista and 7, System 8)


MacOSX 10.4.11 or higher

(see Special Note for 10.8 Mountain Lion)


200-250mb of free disk space (size will increase accordingto the number and size of quilt pictures imported).


IMPORTANT FOR WINDOWS USERS: For best performance Apple Quicktime™ must be installed. Obtain free download. See Technical Notes.


Works best with screens 1280 x 768 pixels or larger


Online access required for initial activation and registration!



QuiltAlbum is built as a Filemaker™ runtime application, and will run in any environment that will host Filemaker™. Check the Filemaker™ system requirements for definitive details.

QuiltAlbum Includes

User-selectable font type, size, and color.


User-selectabl text: what to include and what to exclude - and how it is presented.


Album pages printable either full- or half-size for storing in 3-ring binders.


Summary pages to use as indexes to albums.


User-selectable Categories for classifying Quilts.


Greeting cards and business cards printable on standard pre-scored paper stock

obtainable from office supply stores.


Print on either US Letter (standard in US and Canada) or A4 (standard elsewhere) format.


Easy 'drag and drop' for sliding photos into QuiltAlbum - or import using conventional browsing.


Sort, Find, and Browse capabilities to navigate and select among stored Quilts.


Automatically scales and converts images on input to appropriate size and format for printing.


Easy to use buttons and dropdown menus for making choices.


Easy Mode for the newcomer to QuiltAlbum and an Advanced Mode for the more experienced user.


Automatic backup to secure valuable information

complemented by a built-in export capability for both data and photos.


Built on the Filemaker™ database engine to ensure fast, reliable service.






$29.95 Download

Mac or PC

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