Important Note for Mac Users

This note only applies if you are a new user of QuiltAlbum and are installing for the first time on Mac OSX 10.8 and higher.

Apple has installed a new security feature called GateKeeper. This requires a new form of developer certification to allow installation of applications without special steps. Until QuiltAlbumsecures certification, QuiltAlbum users will need to take an additional special step during installation. This note describes that step.

Normal Installation

After downloading QuiltAlbum 2.2, the installer window should open as above. If not, doubleclick on the QuiltAlbum_2_2.dmg file that will be in your Downloads folder.

Normally, you would doubleclick on the package (1) and be guided through the normal installation process.

Problem with Mac OSX 10.8 and higher

However, until QuiltAlbum is certified, you may receive a notice similar to the above that the installation package cannot be opened. The actual notice varies but the solution is still the same.


The solution is first to Right Click on the package and then select Open. This will launch a dialog box (1) similar to the above that gives you the choice to proceed. Select Open in this box and the installation process will proceed normally. According the version of Mac OSX in play, the steps may vary slightly.

Thank You!

Thank you for your patience. We apologize for the inconvenience, but this was an unexpected call by Apple!