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Sharon P - Ohio

"I have been working with your QuiltAlbum program and just love it!  As a former computer teacher, and now a quilt history researcher, I am pleased with how easy the program is and the quality of the graphics and photos."


Cheryl S - California

"I’ve been playing around with it for a couple of hours now and it works beautifully!!!."


Connie B - Massachusetts

"This is a great product – good luck with it!"


Kesten B - California

I have been playing with the program, and am favorably impressed."


Connie H - South Carolina

"I really do like the product and I am telling my other quilt friends about it.  I love being able to keep a journal of my quilts in this format.  I can’t wait to learn how to do labels using the program as well."


Julie S - Tennessee

"Yes, I like the software…have told several others about it too."


Dennis H - California

"First of all, I wanted to let you know that the program is great.  It does exactly what it is advertised to do."


Laura P - Montana

"I love Quilt Album! Sunday afternoon, I sat down, loaded the program and entered nineteen of my quilts. Well, actually, 17 quilts and 2 dolls. It was so easy. After dinner, I printed out the pages and had a beautiful album, complete with pictures."


Joan H - Wisconsin

I downloaded QA Version 2 today and the first upgrade I tried was the "Category" feature. Another great addition to the quilt record.


I started out recording my quilts by using a typed form developed by a quilting friend, Juleen. It had to be filled in manually. QA has simplified the process and given me a uniform look with great options for recording unique data about the quilts.


I especially like the import feature for pulling in pictures of the quilts. Besides using QA to record the quilts I've made so far this year, I'm also going back to the quilts recorded on the manual form and putting them into QA as well. Friend Juleen has also purchased QA.




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$29.95 Download

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