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We hope you enjoyed QuiltAlbum but just in case.......


Coachella Software offers purchasers of QuiltAlbum the right to a full refund of the purchase price provided a request is filed within thirty (30) days from date of purchase and provided the purchaser provides an affirmation that the software will be uninstalled within two (2) days of receiving the refund.


How to apply for a refund:


Apply using our online Refund Request Form.


The refund request must include:


Your name and postal address.


Your email address.


Your License Key that was provided when you purchased QuiltAlbum


Your affirmation is indicated by clicking "Yes" where indicated in the refund Request Form. Other fields are optional, but we welcome the information. Particularly, we encourage you to include your phone number in case we need to contact you for verification information (as may happen, for example, if you accidentally mistyped your email address!).


Our Refund Policy




$29.95 Download

Mac or PC

30-Day Refund Guarantee