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Technical Notes & Tips

Upgrading to Version 2.2 is normally straightforward. Please follow these steps carefully!


Step 1: If you have not yet installed or used your copy of QuiltAlbum, go to Step 2.


Otherwise, open your currently installed version of QuiltAlbum. Then exit, making sure you use the EXIT button at the bottom right of your window. You may have to scroll down and to the right to make this button visible. DO NOT JUST CLOSE THE WINDOW OR QUIT! Using the EXIT button makes sure that a proper backup copy is made of your Version 1 data.


Step 2: If you have not already done so, download and install Version 2.2. Just go to Products>Downloads. Activate using your Version 2 License Key. (Note for Version 1 users: this is the same as your Version 1 License Key except that you should replace QA0 at the beginning by QA2).


QuiltAlbum Version 2.2 will automatically seek your previous backup file and import your earlier data; quilts and quilt information, personal information, and any preferences you may have set.


If you have any problems, please contact QuiltAlbum Support.


NOTE: Installing Version 2.2 places a new shortcut on your desktop clearly labeled QuiltAlbum 2.2. Your old shortcut is not replaced so you can use it should you need to return to your previious version at any time. But if you are clearly finished with your earlier version, you can delete the old shortcut.


The QA Help menu contains instructions on how to replace your shortcut should you accidentally delete it.



Upgrading to Version 2.2